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The Technical Committee for Standardization of TC 197 "Hydrogen Technologies" was established by the order of SE "UkrNDNC" № 130 from 22.06.2020.

TC 197 consists of 2 subcommittees:

PC 1 "Hydrogen Technologies", which is a mirror of the International Technical Committee ISO / TC 197 Hydrogen technologies and operates under the standardization codes:

27,075 Hydrogen technologies

43.060.40 Fuel systems (for the design, operation and construction of facilities, systems and elements for the use of hydrogen as a fuel)

71.100.20 Industrial gases * Also includes compressed air and hydrogen (for the design, operation and construction of facilities and systems for the production, storage, transport, measurement and use of hydrogen)

PC 2 "Nuclear energy and radiation protection", which is a mirror of the International Technical Committee ISO / TC 85 Nuclear energy, nuclear technologies, and radiological protection and operates under standardization codes:

13.280 Radiation protection * Also covers protection against radio frequency radiation (in terms of radiation protection),

27,120 Nuclear energy,

27.120.01 Nuclear energy in general,

27.120.10 Reactor equipment,

27.120.20 Nuclear power plants. Security,

27.120.30 Radioactive substances and nuclear fuel technology * Also covers raw materials,

27.120.99 Other standards for nuclear energy

Representatives of the nuclear power complex and the RES complex, research and production enterprises, certification bodies, as well as engineering and consulting companies involved in the implementation of nuclear and alternative energy, which have many years of experience in standardization and regulatory support, take part in TC 197.

The main goal of TC 197 is to develop national standards, including those harmonized with international and European standards in the field of nuclear and renewable energy, which will contribute to organizational and methodological support in the field of fuel and energy security, efficiency and independence, removal of barriers to trade. , recognition of domestic producers in world markets.

In its work TC 197 is based on national and international scientific and technological progress and is guided by current legislation of Ukraine, regulations, standards of the national standardization system of Ukraine, which extend to the scope of TC 197, documents of international standardization organizations of which Ukraine is a member. , as well as the Regulations on TC 197.

Scientific and technical, production and financial relations of TC 197 with organizations and enterprises of any form of ownership, as well as individuals interested in the work of the Technical Committee, are carried out on the basis of cooperation agreements, taking into account current legislation of Ukraine, regulations and guidelines documents of the National Standardization Body, and the Regulations on TC.

TC 197 operates in accordance with the provisions of DSTU 1.14. TC is headed by the Chairman and his deputies. The organization of current work is carried out by the Secretariat of the TC, headed by the Executive Secretary.

Membership in TC 197 is free and can be collective or individual. Collective members of the TC (organizations, enterprises, institutions) participate in the work of the technical committee through their authorized representatives. Leading scientists and specialists who wish to participate in the work of the committee can be individual members of the TC. Admission to TC 197 provides for consideration by members of the technical committee of the decision to accept the applicant as a member of TC.

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