Уникальная программа снижения веса от Фаберлик.
Новинки косметики фаберлик на faberllena.ru

The complete model of confirmation of conformity – the acceptance of production consists of a conformity assessment in the form of supervision of manufacturing of production in critical control points, acceptance inspections of production and control of finished goods (further – supervision of production and acceptance inspections).

Each of forms of the conformity assessment could be applied separately or in connection with another one.

Scope of supervision works of acceptance inspections, control of finished goods, the obligatory technological and control operations covered by these forms of an assessment, control points and their statuses are defined by quality plans on the base of standards of «Register CERTATOM» and/or standards of the organizations – final users of production, for example, requirements of SOU NAEK «Energoatom», and also contractual (contract) documents.

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