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Since 2011, «OOS «CERTATOM» carries out in authorized voluntary conformity assessment system «Register CERTATOM» the conformity assessment of production of the Ukrainian enterprises in forms and upon the procedures determined by normative documents of SE «NAEK «Energoatom» (Ukraine) and State corporation «Rosatom» (Russia).

«Register CERTATOM» consists of system of the procedures established by standards of the organization, requirements and infrastructures that in a complex allows competent authorities and auditors to carry out the independent and objective conformity assessment of production in the field of nuclear energy use and to provide the consumers of production with the necessary confidence level to the results of an assessment.

«Register CERTATOM» was created by group of companies –conformity assessment bodies and pursues the following objectives:

- the prevention of circulation of low-quality and counterfeit production in the field of nuclear energy use;

- the implementation and distribution of the international approved forms of the conformity assessment, which allow to consider to the utmost the features of production, its manufacturing and adoption with the preservation the necessary confidence level to the results of an assessment;

- the creation of a common information space for all interested parties by displaying the results of the conformity assessment and by the exchange of information.

The activity of participants in «Register CERTATOM» is characterized by:

- voluntariness of System use by the subjects of economic activity, state administrative bodies and regulatory agencies;

- preservation of an indisputable option right of the most effective forms of the conformity assessment for the final production user – licensees, the operating organizations which bear all completeness of responsibility for ensuring nuclear and radiation safety;

- an orientation of all forms of an conformity assessment and the infrastructure applied in the «Register CERTATOM» for the identification of discrepancies in production which could be underlying origin of emergence of radiation-hazardous incidents;

- an exception of possibility of any administrative pressure upon results of works due to creation of open access to information in the course of work performance, economic independence and stability of infrastructure;

- aiming for harmonization of the applied procedures and forms of an conformity assessment of production with similarly procedures of the international practice;

«Register CERTATOM» is open for all applicants, irrespective of their size, entity form, financial conditions, membership in any union or group.

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