The relevance and prospects for the introduction in Ukraine of technologies related to the production, transportation, storage and consumption of hydrogen (hydrogen technologies) are obvious and confirmed by numerous statements by the heads of government bodies and business organizations in Ukraine.

It is equally obvious that the presence in Ukraine of harmonized national technical and safety standards will be necessary at all stages of project implementation.

Secretariat of TC 197 during 2020-2021 at various levels raised the issue of priority planning and financing of work on the harmonization of national standards in the areas of hydrogen technologies, but did not achieve the expected results. Work on the harmonization of standards in the direction of "Hydrogen technologies" is not included in the national standardization plan for 2022-2023. due to lack of confirmed funding by stakeholders.

Please note that the central executive body, which provides, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Standardization" (Article 9, Part 1) the formation of state policy in the field of standardization (Ministry of Economic Development), hydrogen technology is not defined as a priority in the field of standardization, which is confirmed by the absence in the National Standardization Plans for 2020-2022. budgetary financing of works on harmonization of VT standards. This position is justified by the legislatively established Law of Ukraine “On Standardization” (Article 4, Part 2) by the principle of voluntary application of standards.

The TC Secretariat addresses the members of the TC and those interested in standardization with a request to bring this information about the state of standardization to their partners, investors and other stakeholders interested in the development of hydrogen technologies in Ukraine.

The secretariat of TC 197 believes that only the joint efforts of all parties to eliminate the problems that hinder critical work on the harmonization of standards will create the conditions necessary for the timely and successful implementation of hydrogen projects in Ukraine.



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