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The management system certification body of the Limited Liability Company "CERTATOM Conformity Assessment Body" (abbreviated - CERTATOM, MSCB) provides quality management system certification services in accordance with the requirements of the international standard DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2017 Compliance assessment. Requirements for bodies that audit and certify management systems. MSCB is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (accreditation certificate No. 8О111 from March 19, 2019 to March 18, 2024).

At implementation of activities for certification of MSCB "CERTATOM" is guided by the principles which promote trust and include: impartiality (declaration of impartiality), competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality (declaration of confidentiality), response to complaints (procedure "appeals and general questions"), risk-oriented approach.

MSCB "CERTATOM" certifies management systems for compliance with the DSTU EN ISO 9001:2018 Quality Management System standard. Requirements in the following sectors of the economy:

• Machines and equipment;

• Chemicals, chemical products and fibers;

• Base metals and finished metal products;

• Electrical and optical equipment;

• Information technologies;

• Engineering services.

 It is possible to examine certification process here.

 Apply for certification of a management system to the requirements of DSTU EN ISO 9001:2018.

Examine terms of granting, refusal, support, re-certification, suspension, renewal or cancellation of certification, expanding or reducing the scope of certification here.

Clarification regarding the recognition of certificates

All certificates issued by MSCB "CERTATOM" for compliance with the requirements of DSTU EN ISO 9001:2018 in the above-mentioned sectors of the economy are marked with the IAF MLA mark based on an agreement with NAAU.

IAF MLA mark IAF MLA is a globally recognized indicator that demonstrates compliance with international standards and requirements. For product manufacturers and service providers, IAF MLA is an opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors that produce low-quality products and provide low-quality services.

Consumers gain confidence in goods and services that have a mark of conformity or are accompanied by a certificate of conformity. IAF MLA ensures that such goods and services meet quality and safety standards, regardless of where they are manufactured or provided.

MSCB "CERTATOM" certifies management systems in compliance with the DSTU ISO 19443:2019 standard

We draw the attention of manufacturers/suppliers of products who plan to cooperate with European and Ukrainian customers in the field of nuclear energy, that MSCB "CERTATOM" also carries out certification in the above-mentioned sectors of the economy for compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 19443:2019 Quality management system. Specific requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2015 by nuclear sector organizations supplying products and services important for nuclear safety. More detail in CERTATOM news here,here and here

Taking into account the identity of the requirements, the work on the certification of the SMC for compliance with the DSTU EN ISO 9001:2018 and DSTU ISO 19443:2019 standards can be combined, which will allow the Customers to reduce the time and financial costs of certification.

Apply for certification of a management system to the requirements of DSTU ISO 19443:2019.

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