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Voluntary certification allows conformity assessment of production to separate requirements of normative documents (norms, rules, standards, TS on production) which are specified by the Commissioner of works in the Certification Application order. In such case, specific requirements which are obligatory for application in the systems important for safety of the NPP, such as seismic stability, radiation resistance, functions retention at external influences, etc., in most cases need not to be included in the Application order for certification that doesn't meet the requirements of production supply conforming to all requirements of norms, rules and the NRS standards at all.

In "Register CERTATOM" the production used on the NPP in the systems important for safety (SIS) is certified on the modules identical to modules of system of UkrSEPRO on compliance to all indicators (defined in TS on production) which are obligatory to application in SIS. The legitimacy of independent conformity assessment (certification) of production important to safety on all indicators (which are obligatory for implementation in SIS NPP) was confirmed by the letters of State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy (20.10.06 No. 9285-5-10/17) and SNRIU (03.10.06 No. 15-12/5311).

After the exclusion of article No. 10 of the Law of Ukraine "About permitting activities in the field of use of nuclear energy" (by the Law of Ukraine No. 1874-VI of February 11, 2010), the need of certification of production (the elements important for safety of the NPP), as well as a selection of conformity assessment system is defined by contract terms of delivery and standards of the end user – the operation organization “NAEK "Energoatom".

The certification scheme of production is defined in the document OS-PSP.01/11 "Certification scheme of production".

The basic rules of consideration of the appeals, complaints and disagreements, received by the conformity assessment body from suppliers or other parties are specified in OS-MSY.08/14 "Methods of proceeding of appeals, complaints and controversial issues"

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