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Dear colleagues and partners!

The Ukrainian Conformity Assessment Body CERTATOM welcomes you to its website. The main purpose of this web resource is to provide all stakeholders with up-to-date, high-quality and useful information on the conformity assessment of products and services used in nuclear facilities.

Thanks to our principles - adherence to the culture of nuclear safety and responsibility to society for the results of its work - "СERTATOM" for many years remains a recognized and accredited organization in Ukraine, providing services to:

- Certification of production ;

- Inspection of production;

- Conformity assessment to Technical regulations ;

- Quality management systems certification;

- TCU 197 “Hydrogen Technologies”

The attack of the russian federation on Ukraine on 24th February 2022, led to the territorial decentralization of our staff, but we continue to properly provide our customers with services in the field of certification, standardization and technical consulting from around our country and abroad online.

Under martial law, we take all necessary measures to support the operation and protection of our servers, the electronic database of issued certificates "Register" СERTATOM ", establishing the necessary communications with colleagues and partners.

We hope that on the pages of our site you will find not only useful information, but also partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. On behalf of the participants of the «Register CERTATOM», we invite you to jointly mutually beneficial work that will ensure the support and preservation of the economy of our State.

Everything will be Ukraine!

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